Honbo: Burgers that are a little healthy, right?

There’s not too many things I actually get cravings for; but I will admit that a good hamburger is something that I sometimes have a physical craving for.

Maybe not such a good thing; all of the best burgers are pretty much not so healthy, so eating them too often can be a problem.

The girl gets around that problem by having vegetarian burgers…..  but, well, you know; that’s a crap solution for a massive carnivore.

So, I’m always on the lookout for a burger that is both fulfilling and slightly on the healthy side.

Recently, we were wandering around our local hangouts in Wanchai and noticed that a new burger joint had opened up.  Taking up a very small spot on Sun Street, Honbo seemingly popped up overnight and looked like the type of place I’d like to check out.  With a cool vibe and inside/outside seating, I was keen to check out if they did decent burgers as well.


A self styled grassroots burger joint, connected to local farmers, brewers and artisans; Honbo fills it’s burgers with local and sustainable produce.  With vegetables harvested in Yuen Long and their ‘signature’ potato milk buns baked only fifteen minutes away; the local burger joint seems to be targeting environmentally conscious diners.

I guess, apart from the beef!

Anyway; we’ve visited Honbo a couple of times now and I have to say that the burgers are pretty good.  We’ve had a good selection of the burgers on the menu; however with one major exception….  Each time we’ve been, the vegetarian burger noted on their menu has been unavailable.


My favourite burger so far has been the Classic Burger; a 4oz beef patty with pickles (picked out of course), lettuce and the house sauce.  I’m a simple guy when it come to burgers, so the classic is just about perfect for me; there’s a great balance of bun to salad to beef patty, although I’d like a slightly thicker patty cooked medium.  The house sauce is sweet with just a little zing.  For me, the main issue with the burger is that there’s no tomato; ya gotta have tomato in a burger!


The Cheese Burger is pretty similar to the classic, the big difference being the inclusion cheese; so if your preference is for something with melty cheese, then this could be a good option for you.


The most interesting burger on the menu is the Soft Shell Crab Burger; the generous serving of battered soft shell crab is accompanied by a bread ‘n butter slaw and old bay mayo.  There’s an interesting variant with the burger, the inclusion of either dye or squid ink in the buns, making them black as the night.


The burgers are pretty good at Honbo, but it’s the fries that the little burger joint really excels.  The triple cooked golden Fries were actually better than those I had at Two Starred Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.  Definitely a must if your a fries fan.  While I’m personally not a fan of the Thick Cut Sweet Potato Fries, the girl rates them as the best she’s had too.


While the burgers at Honbo are good, they’re not my favourite burgers in town, that honour goes to the Butchers Club; but they are light and relatively healthy.

Definitely worth checking out 🙂




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