Flashback: World #32 Nerua Spain

Life gets pretty hectic at times, and while I tried to keep this blog up to date regularly, I missed posting about some amazing restaurants. So I’ve created the Flashback Series; short sharp updates about some of the best restaurants I’ve been to and never wrote about… Hope you enjoy

I’m starting with a restaurant that surprised the heck out of me, partially because it was an additional surprise booking, but mainly because it was a major highlight on our trip to San Sebastian in Spain.

We were in Spain as a surprise birthday gift from my beautiful wife. We often visit great restaurants around the world as one of our main indulgences, but this Spanish trip was special. It was a complete surprise! I knew I was going somewhere, but the destination was unknown to me until we arrived at the airport.

Now, there was a special level of stress associated with this holiday which was caused by a little unrest in Hong Kong, an airport blockade, a closed airport and a very nearly missed flight… But that’s a story for another time.

One of our bucket list locations has always been the Guggenheim in Bilbao Spain, and since we were in the region, we made a special trip down from San Sebastian to visit the world famous museum. It was spectacular, the Frank Ghery designed building just the starting point of a magical journey through some of the most spectacular art in the world.

The setting was perfect for the feast for the eyes and palate that was to come from world famous chef Josean Alija. It became very clear why Nerua was one of the best restaurants in the world.

We opted for the 14 course tasting menu that took us on a journey of fresh Spanish ingredients prepared and presented in an ultra modern way, befitting of the surrounds. The flavours were crisp and inventive, and there was not a single dish that did not impress me.

The setting was beautiful, the restaurant clean and very modern, the kitchen team first rate and the kitchen itself incredible to behold.

In fact, Nerua was the best restaurant we visited in Spain.

Please enjoy the photos.

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